George A. Lozano - Tallinn

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The capital city. The narrow, cobbled streets and the fortified structures give them a medieval feel that is just never present in North America.

The Old fortified medieval cityThe upper part (government, embassies...) The Town Square (that is me in the centre)

Entrance to the old city

Old town

View from afar

Typical narrow street

Fairly accurate imagery

Vendors inside the walls..

..just like centuries ago

Some narrow corridor

Some church


View from the central plaza

Main Plaza

Main Plaza

Main Plaza

Main Plaza

Going up to the upper city

Norway's embassy, I think


Another church

View from the upper city


...and again

View from the Upper city


Upper city

Fortified gate

Towards Finland

Gate to the upper city

Some curch

some church

some church

some church

Some church

Estonia's parliament

Kik in de Kok

Aka: big tower

View from the tower

Another view

Another view

You can have a meal right UNDER Canada

Of course, the city's official tourism web site has much better pictures.

...and some little-known facts about Estonia.

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