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Evolution - Tutorials

 I have some of these in pdf format, which you can download at your leisure. If you have difficulties downloading them or printing them, try the library. If you scan or find pdf versions of the rest, feel free to reciprocate the favour. Some are long, some are short; all are thought-provoking.

Check here for some instructions about the individual papers.



Week 1 – January 2


Week 2 – January 9

Futuyma, D. J. 1983. Science on trial. The case for evolution, pp 197-228 (link).

Darwin, 1859. The origin of the species. Recapitulation and conclusion (link)

Gould, S. J. 1980. Hen’s teeth and horses toes. Evolution as fact and theory (pdf).

Week 3 – January 16

Ganetzky, B. 2000. Tracking down a cheating gene. Am. Sci. 88: 128-135 (link, courtesy of Jennifer Rende).

Williams, G. C., 1966. Adaptation and natural selection. pp. 20-31 (link).

Week 4 – January 23

Gould S. J. and Lewontin, R. C. 1979. The spandrels of San Marco and the Panglossian paradigm: a critique of the adaptationism programme. PRSLB 205-581-598 (link)

Queller, D. C . 1995. The spaniels of St. Marx and the panglossian paradox: a critique of a rethorical programme. QRB 70:  485-489 (link)

Week 5 – January 30

Pinker, S. 1997. How the mind works. Chapter 7. Family values. Pp. 426-493 (pdf).

Week 6 – February 6

Plutchik, R. 2001. The nature of emotions. Am. Sci. 89: 334-350

Amlen, S. T., Wrege, P. H., and Demonf, N. J. 1995. Making decisions in the family: an evolutionary perspective. Am. Sci. 83: 148-157.

Week 7 – February 13

No Classes

Week 8 – February 20

Amabile-Cuevas, C. F. 2003. New antibiotics and new disease resistance. Am. Sci. 91: 138-149

Webster, R. G. and Walker, E. J. 2003. Influenza. Am. Sci. 91: 122-129

Week 9 – February 27

Grant, P. R. 1981. Speciation and the adaptive radiation of Darwin’s finches. Am.  Sci. 69: 653-663.

Grant, P. R. and Grant, B. R. 2002. Adaptive radiation of Darwin’s finches. Am.  Sci.  90: 130-139.

Week 10 – March 6

Eldredge, N. and  Gould, S. J. 1972. Punctuated equilibria: an alternative to phyletic gradualism. In Schopf, T. J. M. (ed.)  Models in Paleobiology (pdf)

Dawkins. R. 1986. The blind watchmaker. Chapter 9. Puncturing punctuationism. pp. 223-252. Longman Scientific and Technical. Essex. (pdf)

Week 11– March 13

Felsestein, J. 1985. Phylogenies and the comparative method. Am. Nat. 125: 1-15.

Week 12 – March 20

Cancelled – religious holiday.

Week 13 – March 27 deDuve, C. 1995. The beginnings of life on earth. Am. Sci. 83: 428-437.(link, courtesy of Chelsea Anchikoski)

Lazcano, A. and Miller, S. l. 1996. The origin and early evolution of life: prebiotic chemistry, the pre-RNA world, and time. Cell 85: 793-798 (pdf file, courtesy of C. Anchikoski)

Week 14 – April 3

Morey, D. F. 1995. The early evolution of the domestic dog. In Slatkin, M. Exploring evolutionary biology: readings from American scientist. QH 3662.2.E96.

Stanford, C. B. 1995. Chimpanzee hunting behaviour and human evolution. Am. Sci. 83: 256-261 (link, courtesy of Tamara Yagos)

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