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LOOM.04.068: Public Speaking in Science


Dr. George A. Lozano
Office: Vanemuise 21, 2nd floor
phone: 372 737 5813
email: george.lozano@ut.ee



Course Description

To examine the principles of public speaking in science, to put these principles to practice in a risk-free (but not necessarily stress-free) atmosphere of peers. To received feedback and to improve our ability to speak in public. Yes, "our" ability; the best way to become terrible speakers is to stop evaluating ourselves. Topics covered shall include: defining your audience, handling nerves, uses and misuses of technology, room arrangement, eye contact, enunciation, intonation, voice variation, preparation, body language, use of the podium, “hums and ahs”, graph presentation, tables, figures, statistics, introducing a speaker, dealing with questions, etc, etc, etc. This is a course about speaking, so unlike most classes, the instructor will not be the one doing most of the talking. The course will start with an initial set of lectures, for a week or two. Afterwards, students will be expected to give increasingly longer presentations, starting with "hello, my name is.. " on the first day, and culminating with a 15-20 minute scientific public talk about their work. Also check the official information online https://www.is.ut.ee/pls/ois/tere.tulemast



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