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Course Description

The Official Version: (3 hours of lecture per week and 3 hours of laboratory per week, 5 credits). Morphological evolution of present-day and fossil vertebrates oriented toward major functional and structural modifications; locomotion, feeding, respiratory and circulatory systems, reproduction, sense organs, adaptive radiations and biogeography. Laboratories: dissections and identification of Canadian fauna. Prerequisite: BIO 2125 Animal Form and Function

Lectures: Mon. 13h00-14h30, Wed. 11h30-13h00
Labs:       Tue, Wed, Thu. 14h30 - 17h30

My 2 .- In this course the ability to memorize vast quantities of information will only get you half way there. Whenever possible I will emphasize comprehending concepts, not memorizing facts. You must understand these concepts such that you are able to recognize them in different situations, and apply them in new and unexpected ways. You will be tested on your ability to synthesize, summarize, comprehend and extrapolate, rather than on your ability to memorize.

The lectures will cover the evolutionary history of vertebrates, with particular attention to the evolution of their organ systems. The laboratories will provide you with a comparative perspective of vertebrate anatomy and morphology, and will be integrated with the lectures as much as possible. This course represents a unique chance to examine 400 million years of evolution of familiar but seldom well-known group of animals. The course should lead you to view Homo sapiens in a more realistic perspective, as merely one among many thousands of vertebrates, and certainly not as the pinnacle of creation. Evolution has no pre-ordained aims; the vertebrate lineage just happens to have produced animals with trunks, animals with slimy scales, animals with colourful plumages and animals with big heads.




Liem, K. F, Bemis, W. E., Walker, W. F, Jr. and Grande, L. 2000. Functional Anatomy of the Vertebrates, 3rd ed. Brooks Cole Publishing.

 Walker, W. F, Jr. and Homberger, D. G. 2003. Vertebrate dissection 9th ed. Brooks Cole Publishing.


Both books are available from the bookstore, where they are also available as a bundle for $177. Used copies are surely floating around, in cyberspace perhaps.

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Grading and Exams

Exams.- Exams will cover all previously covered material, not just the last week, or the last month, and not just the material covered since the previous exam. Make sure you learn the material as we go along and do not wait until the day before an exam to find start studying.


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Midterm (80 minutes):



Final exam (180 minutes)






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