George A. Lozano - Tartu


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At Heathrow, London

Tartu was foggy; diverted to Helsinki

Sequestered inside the plane for > 1 hr.

Made it!

Main Plaza



During the day!

More of the same

Main Plaza

Pisa has nothing on Tartu

Summer is coming

Tartu's trademark

Relative sizes

Keeping healthy

A quaint neighbourhood

I was the closest to a chinese person.

Church by my place

Estonia's only form of police harrassment

No, this is not unusual!

...and some little-known facts about Estonia.

and even more, two years later


A few pictures from work and Peeter's lab

Allegedly found like this

Making Crog potentially dangerous

Coccidia infections

Poor Birdie!

"Motivational" Seminar

No actual seminars,...

just motivation, ...

which consists of a walk in the woods, ...

checking out some attractions, ...

a little birding, ...

some sightseeing, ...

...discussing science a drink

... or two....

well into the night


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