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Biology 1071-Intro. to Biology I

Fall 2000

Instructor: Dr. George A. Lozano

Textbook: Pruitt, N. L., Underwood, L. S. and Surver, W. 1999. Bioinquiry: making connections in biology. John Wiley & Sons, Inc. NY. (and associated material)

Additional reading material may be assigned or suggested.

Class times: Mon-Wed-Fri 09:10 h.



Date    Topic    Suggested Reading
Week 1-Aug 28Introduction and Evolution   Chapters 1 and 2
Sept. 4-classes cancelled  
Week 2-Sept 4  Mendelian GeneticsChapter 3
Week 3-Sept 11DNA 1-what it is, replicationChapter 6
Week 4-Sept 18DNA 2  Transcription and translationChapter 6
Week 5-Sept 25 DNA 3 - expression and mutationChapter 6
Sept 29-Exam 1  
Week 6-Oct 2Cell structure Prokaryote and EukaryoteChapter 4
Week 7-Oct 9Cell structure plant and animalChapter 4
Oct 9 - Classes cancelled   
Week 8-Oct 16Cell Division Mitosis and MeiosisChapter 5
 Week 9-Oct 23Population genetics Chapter 7
Week 10-Oct 30Bioenergetics Chapter 9
Nov 1-Exam 2  
Week 11-Nov 6Physiology 1Chapter 10.1-2
Week 12-Nov 13Physiology 2 Chapter 10.3-4
Week 13-Nov 20Mammalian physiologyChapter 11
Nov 24 - Classes cancelled  
Week 14-Nov 27Mammalian physiology Chapter 11
 Plant form and functionChapter 12
Week 15-Dec 4Plant form and functionChapter 12
Dec 6 final words  

Home       Wild-Bio        Bio II        Verts        pdf file

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